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Winter 2013

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    Stone Griffin Media (SGM) was an evolution of an earlier partnership that began in 2008 and has evolved into the preeminent multimedia boutique serving school administrators and educational leaders.
    Based in Washington, DC, SGM provides strategic services for select clients within niche markets, such as charter schools and industries.

Feature Article

  • Rich Candleston

    Sitting on 600-acres of oceanfront, Kua O Ka Lā Charter School in Hawai’i is not your typical charter school.

Charter School Education News

International Education: Campus Police Acquire Military Weapons
At least 124 colleges have acquired military equipment through a federal program that transfers military surplus to law-enfo...
Motherlode Blog: From Lymphoma Mom to Just Mom, and Holding
During chemotherapy, my cancer shifted from being a sad thing to being a sad and annoying thing. No one wanted anything to c...
The Texas Tribune: Questioning an Ambitious Chancellor?s Vision
While the aggressive transformation of the University of Houston has drawn praise, it has also prompted questions about the ...
The Texas Tribune: Candidate?s Vow to Kill Tuition Law Makes Some in His Party Squirm
State Senator Dan Patrick, who is running for lieutenant governor in Texas, wants to repeal the Dream Act, just as Republica...
Economic View: Why Federal College Ratings Won?t Rein In Tuition
An ambitious plan to create a better-informed marketplace for education doesn?t take into account how public universities ar...
New Jersey Teacher Is Charged With Sexual Assault of 5 Students
Nicole Dufault, a teacher at Columbia High School in Maplewood, who was arrested this week for having sex with three student...
Twitter Erupts as Nicki Minaj?s Offer to School Is Declined
Students at the rapper?s alma mater, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, post their dismay after a visit falls through.
Future Tense: Disrupting the Playground
To see technology?s future, look no further than nursery school.