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Winter 2013

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    Stone Griffin Media (SGM) was an evolution of an earlier partnership that began in 2008 and has evolved into the preeminent multimedia boutique serving school administrators and educational leaders.
    Based in Washington, DC, SGM provides strategic services for select clients within niche markets, such as charter schools and industries.

Feature Article

  • Rich Candleston

    Sitting on 600-acres of oceanfront, Kua O Ka Lā Charter School in Hawai’i is not your typical charter school.

Charter School Education News

After Closing Schools, a Principal Fights to Save a Bronx High School
Santiago Taveras, once the public face for many school closures during the Bloomberg years, is now working on turning around...
Motherlode Blog: This Thanksgiving, Setting My Family Free
This year, I understand that my grown children are trying too hard to be with everyone in some fashion over a period of very...
Motherlode Blog: Intensive Thanksgiving
Before he lost his ability to speak, one of my son?s favorite questions was, ?Mommy, what are you thankful for?? Over the Th...
New York Schools Lose Millions Amid an Inquiry, Comptroller Says
The comptroller, Scott M. Stringer, said New York City had so far missed out on receiving as much as $120 million from the f...
Opinion: Mishandling Rape
Colleges are seeing sexual assault where it doesn?t exist while letting dangerous men go free.
The Learning Network: Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving, and don?t forget to stop back on Monday, Dec. 1, for our next ?What?s Going On in This Picture??
Motherlode Blog: The Giving Tree: ?Take What You Want, Leave What You Can?
Stocking the branches of the Giving Tree with candy, gloves and small gifts kept us busy, and grateful, all season long.
The Learning Network: What Is Your Reaction to the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Bill Cosby?
Do the allegations change how you feel about ?The Cosby Show?? Would you still want to watch it?
The Learning Network: Test Yourself | An Amazing One-Handed Catch
Here are the first six paragraphs from the Nov. 24 article, ?Even Under Microscope, Catch by Giants? Odell Beckham Jr. Earns...
U.S. Wants Teacher Training Programs to Track How Graduates? Students Perform
The Department of Education is seeking to require states to develop rating systems for teacher preparation programs that cou...
Motherlode Blog: Talking About Racism With White Kids
Having an ?uncomfortable? talk with your white children about privilege, bias and racism? Good.
University of Virginia Officials Vow to Combat Campus Rape Problem
The board that oversees the University of Virginia said it would come up with recommendations in response to allegations in ...
Motherlode Blog: Covering the Ferguson Verdict Protests, With Kids in the Minivan
My 5-year-old has become a veteran of the protests I often cover as a journalist, so much so that she has her own explanatio...
The Learning Network: Weekly News Quiz | Nov. 18-24, 2014
Have you been following the news? Take our quiz to see what you know and to learn more, and look for a new edition each week...
Motherlode Blog: Traveling Solo With Children, and Playing the Deployment Card
With my husband deployed, my days of team man-on-man defense are over. I?m playing zone with two toddlers, and traveling, as...
The Learning Network: What Is Your Reaction to the Grand Jury?s Decision in the Ferguson Case?
Have you been watching this case closely? Were you surprised by the grand jury?s decision? How do you think Ferguson and the...