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Winter 2013

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    Stone Griffin Media (SGM) was an evolution of an earlier partnership that began in 2008 and has evolved into the preeminent multimedia boutique serving school administrators and educational leaders.
    Based in Washington, DC, SGM provides strategic services for select clients within niche markets, such as charter schools and industries.

Feature Article

  • Rich Candleston

    Sitting on 600-acres of oceanfront, Kua O Ka Lā Charter School in Hawai’i is not your typical charter school.

Charter School Education News

New York City Teachers? Union Is Closing Portion of Its Brooklyn Charter School
Low student tests scores are forcing the United Federation of Teachers to shut down the kindergarten-to-eighth-grade portion...
Not the Usual College Party (This One?s Sober)
Some 135 campuses across the country have founded Collegiate Recovery community support groups in an effort to keep students...
University of North Carolina Board Closes 3 Centers
The closing of the centers, including one run by an outspoken critic of the state?s Republican leadership, set off allegatio...
Motherlode Blog: My Dad: Strict. My Daughter?s ?Papa?? Not So Much.
My mom tells me that my dad has always been great with children. But that?s not what I remember.
Motherlode Blog: Trust Your Matchmaking Mother. She Only Wants What?s Best.
Our children have found their colleges and careers. Isn?t it time they found their soul mates? Trust us, we can help.
Motherlode Blog: Among College Students, the Frenzied Competition to Work for No Pay
My college freshman?s summer plans are keeping her up nights. If she fails to earn a spot supplying free labor, she might ha...
Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, Ex-President of University of Notre Dame, Dies at 97
He stood up to the White House and the Vatican as he transformed Catholic higher education in America and raised a powerful ...
Motherlode Blog: Your Turn: A Weekend Thread, Open for Comments
Welcome to Motherlode?s weekly open thread. Do you have thoughts about the news this week, and how it affects families? A qu...
Motherlode Blog: Small, Successful Steps Toward Finding Your Groove
Readers road-test Christine Carter?s simple strategies for settling into a happy and functional routine, both at home and wo...
The Learning Network: 10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills
We pair 10 photos from The Times that we?ve used in our weekly ?What?s Going On in This Picture?? with ideas from students a...
The Thread: Re: The Student and the Mentor
A complex story about power and sex showed the difficulty that universities face in examining rape charges.
The Learning Network: What Should Be the Purpose of Prison?
Should jails and prisons punish people? Should they serve as a deterrent to crime? Or should they try to rehabilitate people...
The Learning Network: 6 Q?s About the News | In France, a Baby Switch and a Lesson in Maternal Love
What is your reaction to this article? Are you surprised that the families decided to keep the children they had raised, rat...
The Learning Network: Word of the Day | optional
This word has appeared in 529 New York Times articles in the past year.