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Winter 2013

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    Stone Griffin Media (SGM) was an evolution of an earlier partnership that began in 2008 and has evolved into the preeminent multimedia boutique serving school administrators and educational leaders.
    Based in Washington, DC, SGM provides strategic services for select clients within niche markets, such as charter schools and industries.

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  • Rich Candleston

    Sitting on 600-acres of oceanfront, Kua O Ka Lā Charter School in Hawai’i is not your typical charter school.

Charter School Education News

Everyday Economics: How the Government Exaggerates the Cost of College
The inflation index for college tuition has become notorious. But it reflects sticker prices over the past 20 years, not wha...
Gene I. Maeroff, Education Reporter and Author, Dies at 75
A former education reporter for The Times, Mr. Maeroff found a second career working as an author, a researcher and an advis...
Motherlode Blog: Weekly Quandary: Emotional and Practical Advice for Sending a Child to College
Parents, what advice do you have for someone sending a child to college for the first time?
The Learning Network: A Midsummer Hiatus, July 28-Aug. 1
We?re taking a break this week to get some work done behind the scenes, but we?ve left you with a summer-fun classic for you...
Degrees of Education: Building a Better College Ranking System. Wait, Babson Beats Harvard?
Money magazine released a new list of best colleges focused on what is on the minds of many parents and students: money. Bab...
Balancing Special-Education Needs With Rising Costs
The City of New York pays for about 12,000 special-needs students per year to receive private school educations. Parents con...
Briefly: International Education: BBC Offering Archives for World War I Courses
The broadcaster will collaborate with four British universities to offer free Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, beginni...
International Education: U.S. Moves to Align Student Exchanges With Policy Goals
The new strategy, reflecting a shift in thinking about how foreign exchange programs should operate in a more volatile world...
International Education: Learning Personal Finance as a Life Skill
A global comparative study on the financial literacy of 15-year-olds has placed a spotlight on the growing importance of eco...
Plagiarism Scandal Tests a Senator Still Forming a Rapport With Montanans
Many voters in Montana seem to be taking a wait-and-see attitude as they assess Senator John Walsh, a Democrat accused of pl...
Shootings Redefine Beat of School Police Officers
Radical shifts in tactics have swept the field ? even calling on officers to rush toward shooters without backup.
Arts | Westchester: Putting the A in STEAM
?Steam,? a new exhibition in White Plains, takes its name from an educational movement, STEAM, which is STEM (another curric...
Motherlode Blog: Letting a Child Make the Small Sacrifice
It?s always my instinct to sacrifice for my kids. To step back; to say, you take it, you go, it?s ok, I don?t mind. My daugh...
Motherlode Blog: Your Turn: A Weekend Thread, Open for Comments
Welcome to Motherlode?s weekly open thread. Do you have thoughts about the news this week, and how it affects families? A qu...